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Davey, Taken, 22, UK. Idk I'm all about the photography C:
can I ask you a personal question?


my worst fear is laughing at a joke I don’t understand and having someone ask me to explain it

(via phobias)

I don’t even care who see’s this, I have the most amazing girlfriend and bestfriend in the world and I despise spending any time away from her.


Its amazing when your most best friend in the world is also your girlfriend, but when you have that dreaded feeling when you are alone at night laying there thinking all things bad. Sometimes I feel like she hates me and that I have upset her, even though I know its all in my mind. How do you deal with that sinking feeling? What are you supposed to do? I talk to her about it but the thing is we both do it when we’re not around each other. Im worrying my aspergers/adhd is taking me over and making me a horrible person.